Work by Barnett Freedman for sale
A number of works were recently found in a family attic. Barnett died in 1958 and through an Arts Council Memorial Exhibition shortly afterwards, a quantity of his remaining stock was dispersed. However, a number of items were put away at that time and are now offered for sale on behalf of his family. With the exception of the two most important items they have been removed from their frames, and condition noted carefully. A number of oil paintings, and further works on paper will be added later- maybe even monthly now, so do please keep checking this page.


A preliminary listing of previously available material was made in November 2008, and some is still for sale at : click 'sellers' and key 'Simon Lawrence' in the box; then, finally, click 'browse'. There are about 200 items listed, some duplicated so you need not fear being too late! Pictured above is Freedman's Window Box lithograph made in 1954 for Lyons. In ten years of looking for a copy I didn't find one; here is your chance to join me and revel in Freedman's mastery.
Most of the items below were made in the 1920s, when Barnett Freedman was a student at the Royal College of Art, or shortly afterwards, and are exciting glimpses of his developing style. I have a particular passion for Barnett's work and am keen to see it enjoyed as widely as possible, at affordable prices.
On the next page are a number of 1940s Lyons Lithographs, first series, for which Barnett oversaw production, liaising between artists and printers, in virtually the condition he received them, along with a few pieces of work by Barnett's friends.
Postage on the items below will be added at cost; the two largest are still framed and glazed, and other arrangements would be advised.
Keep watching these pages for newly-added items. I cannot give a trade discount.


1. Lovely image titled Pot Boy & Two Bar-maids, but torn to mid right and bottom right, glued into a mount, image area 355 x 325 mm. Signed in pencil. Preparatory design for the London Ballet, 1926. Tear marks to upper left and top edge on both sides of the top left corner, to middle right (these not affecting image), and bottom right, this one having originally torn off the man's right foot (evident on photo here); several ink blots not detracting too much (in my opinion), an absolutely gorgeous piece of work despite its problems but now stable, £575; SOLD


2. Squared-up preparatory wash and pen drawing on a folded sheet of clean paper, 480 x 250 mm, c.1926-30; the signature is a rubber studio stamp placed after Barnett's death. Two areas of white heightening to each side of the model's head and one foxing stain to her left lapel (as viewed), SOLD


3. Preparatory designs of The Publican and his wife for Barnett's college project, the London Ballet, 1926, on stout paper, signed and dated. Image measures 320 x 270 mm, clean overall but with a 4 cm tear to upper right not affecting image; £625 SOLD


4. Monochrome wash landscape, glued into a mount and laid down on board, 166 x 250 mm, c.1926-30. At bottom right there is evidence of a drawing pin used while on the easel, and there are one or two foxing marks. Signed with a rubber studio stamp after Barnett's death, £315


5. Nice wash image, signed, 1929, but glued very firmly into a mount which has been decorated by Freedman in his characteristic shaded crayon style, image area 360 x 175 mm, £285 SOLD


6. Ink and monochrome wash portrait taken out of a mount and showing signs of adhesions, signed in pencil and dated 1930, squared up for mount; 274 x 245 mm. Paper is clean, £265 SOLD


7. Mother and child, glued into a mount made by Freedman and finished with his characteristic crayon shading, signed, c.1926-30, £275 - sold



8. Two images: a) above top, portrait in pencil and wash, 420 x 280 mm, signed with a studio stamp after Freedman's death; I just love those pointed shoes! Overleaf (and shown here the lower of the two) is another pencil and wash portrait (not signed), 390 x 180 mm, both attractive, £325


9. Family study in very fine pencil on deep cream paper, securely glued into a decorative mount and backing board, signed, and dated 1929. There is a triangular piece of paper at the right edge relaid into the square (well away from image), 275 x 240 mm, £850


10. Portrait in pencil and wash, c.1926, signed with a studio stamp placed after Barnett's death; clean paper, 480 x 380 mm, £255 SOLD


11. Wash portrait of an unknown lady, image area 290 x 210 mm, initialled BF, c.1926-30; paper shows handling marks, traces of old hinges to rear, £285


12. Accomplished and satisfying portrait in pencil, crayon and wash, laid on board, signed in pencil, 1929; clean and attractive, £425



13. Top: A Sicilian Musician, pen, pencil and wash; signed in pencil and dated 1929. I have not removed this from its frame and do not know whether it is laid down (though I doubt it), but the image looks to be in fine condition. On the reverse of the frame is an Arts Council exhibition label, numbered 42. Freedman married Claudia Geuercio, whose family was of Sicilian descent, and he reatained a lifeling fascination with the musicians and puppets of the island, but this must be his first or at least a very early study of this subject. Sold as seen in frame here. The image measures 660 x 375 mm, and arrangements will need to be made for collection; offered with a preparatory study of the legs, shown below, £2850


14. A monumental and exciting ink and wash study from 1925, signed, and left in its handsome frame (I don't know whether this is laid down or not but condition is apparently very good, sold as is). Folded previously to shins for some inexplicable reason but not affecting enjoyment of the image as it is now displayed. Collection would need to be arranged. Image is 550 x 300 mm, £2350


15. Crayon portrait of a nude, mount-stained but signed in pencil, 1925; old brown tape mark across top right corner (well away from image), overall quite grubby but partly because of the nature of the medium used. Image area measures 375 x 230 mm, and on reverse is a leg study in the same crayon colour combination; £190 - sold


16. Pen, pencil, ink and wash portrait, unfinished and very mount stained (though uniformly so!), signed and dated 1926, image 380 x 250 mm, £190. SOLD


17. Group portrait, wash, pencil and crayon, signed and dated (apparently 1926); this would most likely be a group of Freedman's fellow Royal College students. Securely glued into mount and backing board, 270 x 535 mm image area, £525 SOLD


18. Wartime watercolour made while Freedman was an Official War Artist, preparatory study for his larger oil The Gun, 1940, now in the Imperial War Museum. Loose, nicely mounted by hinges in a clean mount, 300 x 560 mm. Evidence of drawing pins all round margin, signed and dated 1940, £1275 - sold


19. A further group study in pen, wash and crayon, again most likely of Freedman's Royal College of Art student friends, signed with a studio stamp after his death; there are occasional stains (to the under-knee of the seated figure at left, and to the left of the feet of the woman seated on the floor). 350 x 490 mm, £425 - SOLD


20. Wash landscape, signed with a studio stamp after Freedman's death, laid on clean board, and has been folded at some time before being laid down, to left and across top (only left-hand old crease shown here); 370 x 560 mm, £365

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