One of the ways in which you can be sure of helping the Press most effectively is by becoming a Standing Order customer, taking a copy of each book as it appears. There are about forty private individuals and several libraries which currently do so, and it is something which is both reassuring and important to me, in that

  • it reduces paperwork for you and I each time a book appears
  • it ensures you get a copy of each book at the earliest advertised price
  • you do not need to make a fresh order each time (with all the vagaries of the post or even e.mail and human error)
  • it enables you to build up a collection at a steady rate
  • it helps the Press considerably by underwriting a number of books on a regular basis
  • you also gain because I try to include regular pieces of extra ephemeral printing with new books

One or two customers have preferences in that they may opt
not to receive a certain kind of book, for example miniatures, which is perfectly fine. Two or three books appear each year at most, and so there is a natural limit to the extent of such an undertaking. No paperwork needs completion and it can be ended at any time. What could be simpler?
I should add that it earns my gratitude too. But I’m just as happy if you’d like a single book, of course.

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Telephone 01226 792200