Long Live Great Bardfield, & Love to You All
The Autobiography of Tirzah Garwood

edited by Anne Ullmann

Planned for seven or eight years, this is be a monumental production based on the Autobiography which Tirzah Garwood, the wife of Eric Ravilious, wrote when she was coming toward the premature end of her life. Tirzah has a facility in her writing for perceptive observation of the world around her, and I would happily rate her story alongside Gwen Raverat's Period Piece, while being substantially longer and more detailed. The section on life in Great Bardfield during the 1930s, among the unique artistic community is a fascinating first-hand, slightly detached account of a precious and outstanding group of artists.
The text has been transcribed from a number of Tirzah’s handwritten notebooks, and edited by her daughter Anne Ullmann; she has in addition written a separate critical study of Tirzah's work, which will be published after this volume (in a further separate volume, since the Autobiography is very substantial, and demands wide-ranging illustrations of work other than Tirzah's own).
Writing in
The Times, which printed a full page review on April 21st 2012, John Russell Taylor wrote 'Long Live Great Bardfield is the latest in a distinguished line of books from Simon Lawrence's Fleece Press. The design and workmanship are, as ever, exquisite, and the text is of absorbing interest. . . . This belated encounter is a delight from every point of view.'
304 pages, bound in quarter patterned paper (designed by Tirzah) with a cloth spine and paper label, there are 550 copies, of which 475 were for sale.
I ofen feel that books I publish have been a privilege to bring into the world,
Long Live Great Bardfield being no exception.

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Endeavours & Experiments: John Buckland Wright
by Christopher Buckland Wright

Published in 2006 this book showed a number of John Buckland Wright’s engravings, printed from the blocks, which show his experimental work, along with a descriptive essay by his son Christopher. Standard copies were quarter-bound in cloth and housed in a slipcase, while the very special copies contained two three-colour prints and a loose copy of
Cafe Dansant 1, 1929, shown above.
I have still a number of regular B edition copies (from the original 90), which do not include the extra three-colour original prints tipped-into the specials (these prints are displayed as tipped-in printed copies) but do include the loose print of
Cafe Dansant 1, one of the truly glorious wood engravings made by Buckland Wright. The book is bound in quarter vellum, and with the print, is housed in a solander box. Published at £425 these can be sold now at £365.

Single copies of long-out-of-print books

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To War with Paper & Brush, Captain Edward Ardizzone, Official War Artist; folded and sewn sheets but not bound, final six copies £60 including postage inland.
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Ravilious at War, which are offered at £230 each including inland postage. The book as published fetches over £500, and as it won't be reprinted, these sheets are a bargain.

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