Ploughshare & Hayrick
The life and work of Claughton Pellew and Kechie Tennent
by James Methuen-Campbell

A preliminary announcement of a book I have hoped to make since I printed 5 large wood engravings by the extraordinary Claughton Pellew, back in 1987. The book comprises a full biography by James Methuen-Campbell, a revised checklist of prints (based on Anne Stevens' pioneering work), all but two of Pellew's 70 wood engravings and most of his etchings, and many paintings by both Claughton and his wife Kechie (at times indistinguishable). The book is a full-length, first study of these artists, which will be among the most important Fleece Press publications of its almost 40-year life to date. For estimated publication October 2018. A number of copies will carry one or more original prints. Claughton inspires both curiosity and excitement among a growing number of appreciative collectors these days.

here will be important books on Tirzah Garwood – her art, Anthony Gross – at war, the Society of Wood Engravers 1920-45, and Edward Bawden – writing to his chilldren. More information will come shortly. The catalogue of John Buckland Wright's 680 woodblocks is now laid aside, but a modest boxed set of his wartime engraved work will be made.
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