A Shy Bird. The US copyright edition of Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Charles Eilers

Seven Fleece Press books on T. E. Lawrence have been published since 1985. For bibliophiles, his interest in fine printing, and the story of the making of his magnum opus, Seven Pillars of Wisdom are fascinating. In the run-up to publication of Seven Pillars in Britain in 1926, when he hired a private printer to make his book, Lawrence felt the urgent need to avoid the book being pirated in the USA. He therefore arranged to have the text printed there in an edition of 22 copies in order to establish copyright protection.
Two books were sent to the Library of Congress to establish publication, and copies nominally offered for sale on the publisher's list – but to deter purchase however, they were priced at $20,000 each. In fact 28 copies were made – none of them sold – and the book tells the complex, intriguing story of the publication, while also tracing the history of each copy.
This is an impressive, well-written and beautifully researched book by Charles Eilers. His work is complemented by 42 illustrations, of books, typography, manuscripts and the people involved. There are 156 pages, 255 standard copies (225 for sale) bound in half imitation vellum and paper over boards, in acknowledgment of the original style of binding issued on some copies in the USA. The price is £152. A small number of special copies, which are housed in a drop-back box, will bear an original leaf from the second-state prospectus (1925) for the London
Seven Pillars of 1926, and of these 20, 17 are offered for sale, price £565 (net).
For publication in June 2018.

Vivien Gribble: Twenty Wood Engravings
Ian Rogerson

Vivien Gribble (1888-1932) engraved in an idiosyncratic, black-line style which is easily recognized but hard to emulate. She was one of the earliest of the artist-engravers, trained by Noel Rooke, and she exhibited with the Society of Wood Engravers in their second exhibition in 1921. Printed here are 20 truly charming small engravings from the 1922 Sixe Idillia, and Keats' Odes (1923), printed from the blocks in a compact format, one to a page where they really sing. An introduction by Ian Rogerson sets the work in context. 64 pages printed letterpress, bound in quarter cloth and Claire Maziarczyk pastepaper over boards, 250 copies, June 2018, price £115.

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