Ploughshare & Hayrick
The life and work of Claughton Pellew and Kechie Tennent
by James Methuen-Campbell

This major study by James Methuen-Campbell is a book which I have hoped to make since I printed 5 large wood engravings by the extraordinary Claughton Pellew, back in 1987.
Claughton never established a single style in his printmaking; he began to make the first of his 70 wood engravings in 1923, and in the late 1920s made a number of etchings. A number of his prints are as important as any by his contemporaries, though he ceased printmaking by 1937. He also painted, mostly in watercolour, and in this medium perhaps established more of a recognizable style, with agricultural imagery often at the heart of his work. Features such as hayricks, horse-drawn ploughs and windmills are to be found in many works, particularly ploughmen following the horse but half-hidden by a feature of the land. A love of landscape is central to any understanding of Claughton.
A second layer of understanding comes from our knowledge of Claughton's incarceration, and at times his suffering, as a Conscientious Objector in World War One, one of the 16,000 men who posed a problem to the authorities. During his imprisonment he was friendly with Stanley Morison, who shared his Catholicism and deep feelings about the military ideal; James Methuen-Campbell gives us a thorough documentation of this period, a fascinating detail of British history.
The book comprises a full biography by James Methuen-Campbell, a revised checklist of prints (based on Anne Stevens' pioneering work), all but two of Pellew's 70 wood engravings and most of his etchings, and many paintings by both Claughton and his wife Kechie (at times indistinguishable). It runs to 288 pages on a generous page size. The book is a full-length, first study of these artists, which will be among the most important Fleece Press publications of its almost 40-year life to date. For estimated publication in March 2019.
There will be 335 copies, and all copies will include one tipped-in wood engraving printed from the original block. Of these,

280 copies bound in quarter cloth and patterned paper sides, price £245
50 special copies bound in quarter imitation vellum with three extra engravings printed from the blocks, housed in a drop-back box, price £455

A separate prospectus is available on request.

here will be important books on Tirzah Garwood – her art, Anthony Gross – at war, the Society of Wood Engravers 1920-45, and Edward Bawden – writing to his chilldren. More information will come shortly. The catalogue of John Buckland Wright's 680 woodblocks is now laid aside, but a modest boxed set of his wartime engraved work will be made.
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